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Tra Mi Production and Trading Company Limited - Professional in Cheese Stick




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      Cheese  is an excellent food source, rich in calcium, protein, vitamins and other essential minerals such as calcium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin A, B2, B12 ...

     Nutritional Facts: 28 grams cheese conludes 110 calories, 6 grams protein, 10 grams saturated fat. Daily consumption cheese makes up to 20% phosphorus, 15% calcium, 8% vitamin A, vitamin B2 and 6% zinc, 4% vitamin B12 and 2% magnesium that are necessary for our body. Moreover, cheese also contains large amounts of Tryp-to-phan, Iodine, Selenium, Sodium ... Vitamins and minerals. Cheese products are the rich source of vitamin A and vitamin D. Vitamin A helps maintain health, enhances the immune system, red blood cell production. Calcium and phosphorus in cheese helps support growth, build bone and tooth development, reducing the risk of osteoporosis. In addition, calcium also plays an important role in the neurology system health.

     Proteinis the main component of body cells and cheese is the very food having significant amount of protein, which in turn provides the essential amino acids to help build healthy cell development.

      Fat: Cheese contributes a certain amount of fat in the body, helping the body develop.

     GastrointestinalCheese contains probiotics, which is beneficial for the digestive tract, helping absorb better food and improve health. 

   pho mai que gia si         

pho mai que gia si


+ Mozzarella Cheese:

    Originated in Italy, this type of cheese is classified as cream cheese family, made from buffalo milk or cow's milk. In fresh liquor, mozzarella is soft, color is varied from white to yellowish depending on the diet of buffalo or cow. Fresh mozzarella is made on demand and should be served immediately. Dried Mozzarella, on the other hand, is made from fresh Mozzarella after the desiccation process. Mozzarella cheese is indispensable type pizza. Once being cooked under high temperature, Mozzarella will melt and form into long strands of sticky delicious cheese. 

   Anchor Cheese was created in 1886 by Henry Reynolds - a businessman who sells agricultural products has built a small factory in New Zealand with the aim of improving the quality of the butter. Nowadays Anchoris one of the most leading brands in dairy products, available more than 70 countries all over the world.

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    Cheese stick (Cheese stick is pimarily made from cheese cut into long bars, then breaded with savvy flour and fried. In the US and North America, it is called Mozzarella sticks, as mostly made from Mozzarella cheese to be mainly served in the pubs or restaurants as a delicious appetizer. 

   Cheese after being cut into square form of stick will be rolled over the egg, savvy flour, and deep fried. It is often served hot, accompanied with tomato sauce, Marinara sauce, mustard, plum sauce (sweet soy), chili sauce, barbecue sauce, or sometimes jam. Cheese sticks are special dishes of the Capital District, New York.

   pho mai que gia si

pho mai que gia si


TRA MI Cheese Stick:

      The foreign luxury nutrientious cheese stich has finally arrived Vietnam. Cheese stick has become one of the most favorite snacks, contributing to the diversity of Saigon cuisine that makes deep impression not only with the Saigonese but also with all foregn tourists once visiting Saigon. 

    Teenagers extremely enjoys the unique flavor perfectly blended from eggs, milk, flour, sugar of the basel and the greasy delicious inner cheese. One suggesting way to enjoy cheese stick is accompanied with the lemon tea.

  However, on the market there are many Cheese stick products with unknown origin cheese ingredients of makes teenagers and parents extremely worried about. Understanding that concern,Tra Mi Cheese Stick Co, Ltd is the pioneer company to bring tasty quality cheese stick products with certified origin and affordable price to Vietnam consumers. The main material of the products by Tra Mi is Anchor Mozzarella cheese, 100% imported from New Zealand.

   Tra Mi Cheese Stick Co.,Ltd is proud to be the first production in cheese stick industry by aumatio instead of manually, which better ensures hygiene and food safety. Tra Mi Cheese Stick has been certified Ho Chi Minh City Food Hygiene and Safety Committee and is the exclusive supplier for many supermarkets and retailer partners..

    Our current customer:  Coopmart nationwide; Other retailers in My Tho - Tien Giang, Can Tho, Long Xuyen and some milk tea shops, the skewer restaurants, school cafeteria, Che Nam Bo in Ho Chi Minh City.

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pho mai que gia si

     Thanks to the supporting of customers through the years, Tra Mi Cheese Stick Co, Ltd has gradually developed into professional production scale, as well as improved the product quality. Tra Mi Cheese Stick Co.,. Ltd promises to keep continuosly innovative expects to receive more and more support from all beloved customers.




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